Light Brand Clothing Co. is the creative expression of all that we are in Jesus' name. Speak the below words of greatness over yourself daily and begin to SEE yourself the way God sees you!


I am unique, bold, bright, born-again, innovative, humble, new, set apart for greatness, fully holy, fully persuaded that Jesus is real and Lord, 100% Jesus Christ, impactful, pure, truth, healed, healthy, honest, Heavenly, virtuous, deeply loved by God, greatly blessed beyond measure, beautiful, a child of the Most High God, trustworthy, triumphant,

thankful, thriving, superior, prosperous, profound, exceptionally intelligent, established, special, highly favored, organized, obedient to God, outstanding, original, the best, youthful, iconic, supernatural, completely clean, clever, clear, gentle, growing, Godly, a glorious church, a great faster,

perfected in Christ, brilliantly creative, a creative genius, knowledgeable, a lender and not a borrower, the head and not the tail, from above only and not from beneath, in this world but not of this world, courageous, classic, content, charismatic, celebrity, a true champion, a great friend of God, disciplined, determined, discipled, deeply anointed, discerning, delivered, debt free, doubt free, stress free, worry free, professional, quickly promoted, prepared, profitable, polished, punctual, patient, premier, pioneering, protected, powerful, prominent, a peculiar people, a holy nation, a graceful pillar, a true believer, forgiven, fearfully and wonderfully made by God, a joint heir with Christ, thorough, flawless, a doer of the Word, more powerful than the enemy, a great finisher, epic, highly educated, a greatness scholar, highly awarded, almighty, noteworthy, energetic, exciting, elite, elevated, a light to the world, salt of the earth, deeply loved by God, complete in Him, cultured, capable of much, innocent, extremely wise, hopeful, always winning, always smiling, always praying, always praising Him, always worshiping Him, always fasting;

wealthy, whole, luxurious, joyful, peaceful, published, a great business, bilingual, photogenic, supernaturally smart, stylish, solid, supreme, seated at the right hand of the Father, a greatness brand, a major brand, the most significant person upon the earth, a greatness generation, a greatness nation, a greatness church, God's greatness ambassador, a first and a last, a new creation, inventive, radiant, rescued, responsible, radical, relevant, ready,

regal, fearless, unstoppable, righteous, legendary in Christ, a global empire, a greatness empire, an eagle, a giant, a global Gospel entrepreneur, a global mogul, genuine, giving, genius, Jesus, justified by faith, grateful, fresh, fruitful, ultra rich, reigning, young, a rare breed, respected, a great leader, the GOAT, altogether lovely, supernaturally gifted, multi-talented, immediately and radically restored, fully recovered, well-off, fashionable, the best, Holy Hip Hop, upgraded, upscale,

unashamed of the Gospel, victorious, a great owner, at-the-top, amazing, accepted in the beloved, sound, soaring, stately, stunning, signature, saved, liberated, strong, sharp, secure, self-controlled, a great soul winner, a superstar, God's great VIP, cool, Salvation, miraculous, motivated, more than any conqueror, chosen, celebrated, masterful, a maker, mature, world famous, fit, focused, a royal priesthood, revolutionary, forever, successful, a world changer for Christ, and exceedingly great by faith, in Jesus' name.

Our brand identity is the Lord Jesus Christ, and we believe that creative, Godly fashion can spark a conversation about Christ and encourage Believers to be great for God!


Light Brand Clothing Co. is a global soul winner for Christ; for as He is in Heaven, so are we, great in this world. 1 John 4.17


God truly loves us,

Light Brand Clothing Co.